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There are few things more majestic than a bald eagle in flight. Come to Sullivan County and share the experience.

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  • Delaware Highlands Conservancy
    (845) 583-1010
  • Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River
    National Park Service


Sullivan County’s True “Snowbirds”

It’s true. Bald eagles love Sullivan County in the winter. Every year, more than 100 of them migrate here from Canada and other points north because parts of the Upper Delaware River and some of our reservoirs have open water where the eagles can find their favorite food-fresh fish! We also have undisturbed habitat-1,200 acres that New York State purchased specifically for eagle protection-just 20 minutes from Monticello!

In the spring, most migrant eagles return to their home territory, but in recent years more eagle pairs have been making Sullivan County their permanent home. Thanks largely to the efforts of Peter Nye, director of the New York Endangered Species Unit, Department of Environmental Conservation, there are more than 30 breeding pairs of eagles in the state, up from no reproductive eagles in 1976. At least eight of those pairs of eagles are nesting and raising young in this region.

While here, the eagles can be viewed at sites around the region. More information is available from the Delaware Highlands Conservancy.

• Mongaup Falls Reservoir Observation Hut, Forestburgh
• Rio Reservoir, Forestburgh
• Delaware River-Hawk’s Nest north to Narrowsburg on Route 97
• Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area, Wurtsboro
• Rondout Reservoir, Grahamsville

To find them use binoculars or a spotting scope (for greater magnification). The eagles are usually found perching and flying to and from the ice and treeline surrounding the water.

Few birds compare with bald eagles. Turkey vultures lack the white head and tail of an adult eagle. Ospreys do not frequent eagle habitat until much later in the spring, long after the migrants have left.

Immature bald eagle plumage, chocolate brown, along with black beak and brown eyes gradually change each of the first five years. Slowly it turns into the stark white head and tail with yellow beak and eyes of the mature adult.

It is important to stay in or close to your vehicle when observing eagles. Movement, noise, loud colors and car lights are upsetting to the birds. Practicing good eagle etiquette along with lots of patience helps prevent bald eagles from abandoning their perch. It should be noted harassing eagles is punishable by a high fine and/or imprisonment.

On-site interpretive programs and guided habitat trips during the winter months are available. Children’s programs, education programs and slide presentations are offered throughout the year.

176 Scenic Dr.
Lackawaxen, PA 18435

Tel: (845) 583-1010

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The Conservancy offers eagle-viewing bus tours, information and educational exhibits from the Upper Delaware Visitor Center in Lackawaxen, PA.

Open Dec-Mar; Sat & Sun, 10am-4pm

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NYS Route 97
Narrowsburg, NY 12764

Tel: (845) 252-3022 or (866) 511-8372

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Take a leisurely drive on the charming, historic, and natural NYS Route 97. Brochure available.

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P.O. Box 1121
Wurtsboro, NY 12790

Tel: (845) 754-0743

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Enjoy the outdoors at the NYS-owned Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area – hiking, fishing, birding, boating and quiet walks along trails that parallel this 3,000 acre wetland. There are no local boat rentals available. Contact the Basha Kill Area Association, a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Adopt A Resource group, that educates people about the wonders of the Basha Kill. Call 845-754-0743 or go to for more information including a calendar of free outdoor events and a map of the area.

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Narrowsburg, NY 12764

Tel: (570) 685-4871


The Delaware River offers some of the finest recreational opportunities in the northeastern United States. Sightseeing, boating and fishing are some of the area’s popular activities. Public fishing and boating accesses are provided, although most land along the river is privately owned. Wintering bald eagles are among the wildlife that may be seen here.

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